Euler's Method Calculator

Project Status: Complete

Are you too cool for school? Use this Euler's Method calculator to help you with your calculus homework! All you need to do is enter the derivative and this small web-based program will do all the tedious math for you! You can also enter the original function to calculate the error.

Error Messages

Project Status: Complete

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends? This collection is the perfect way to befuddle even the best techies. Our collection of actual Windows error dialogs can be modified to say anything. We've already compiled many of the latest and greatest errors for you — they're also extremely realistic.

Touch Lock

Project Status: Not Started

Avoid the hassle of locker combinations with the "touch lock"! Ever told a friend your combo and later regretted it? This lock uses a biometric sensor to analyze your fingerprint. Permitted fingerprints are configurable using the companion PC software. The "touch lock" connects to a PC via USB cable.

Continuously Changing Background Color

Project Status: Complete

This tile is more or less self-explanatory, don't you think?


Project Status: In Progress

Oakwood, MT, would be an independent, off-grid community in the style of a small 1950s town, complete with electromechanical telephone switches in the central office!

This Project Does Not Exist

Project Status: Complete

Don't look at me. Go look at something else.

Montana Mansion

Project Status: In Progress

Plans for a mansion to built just to the northwest of Oakwood, MT.

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