What is InterLinked?
InterLinked is the flagship website of a conglomerate of tech-related sites. We don't cater to everyone, but look around — chances are you'll find something that interests you.
Who made this website for you?
Who said we didn't make this website ourselves? Perhaps making your own websites from scratch is no longer "in" as it once was, but we believe in coding websites from scratch for the best user interface and maximal customizability and control. If you have a website and you developed it and maintain it yourself, you know what we're talking about.
Where is InterLinked located?
This website was proudly made in the United States of America.
What time is it?
Time for you to get a watch!
What operating system am I running?
An operating system you probably shouldn't be running…
What browser user agent am I using?
A browser you probably shouldn't be using…
Is Internet Explorer really as bad as everyone says it is?
Internet Explorer was always meant to support legacy applications which means Microsoft has not been able to make IE always comply with modern standards. Internet Explorer may not support all modern standards but more modern browsers don't support all the legacy standards. That considered, it's really not as bad a browser as most people think it is. In general, we recommend not using Internet Explorer if you can avoid it. It is true that it doesn't play well with modern web standards. For instance, we wanted to use the main tag but had to settle for a div with an ID of main because of IE. See what we're talking about? That being said, Internet Explorer works well right out of the box and so it's a good choice if you need to browse the web quickly on a computer you haven't personalized yet, as other browsers, especially Google Chrome, have terrible default settings that make them unusable without tweaking the settings first. In addition, Internet Explorer has nice features like the ability to open files without permanently saving them (which Firefox can do but Chrome cannot) and opening certain audio files directly in Windows Media Player.